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Posted by on January 31st, 2006

Howdy everyone… or no one as the case may be. I’ve decided that in addition to my tech blog, I thought I’d give a personal blog a try as well. This site will talk about all the family and friend related aspects of my life.

I suspect that our move to Seattle will play some small role in the site as well. This is also a place I’ll alert folks of new pictures, video etc with Olivia, so bookmark me post haste.

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Yay! So exciting to see the munchkin in motion! I hope she hasn’t completely given up the one-legged crab-walk thing, though — that was adorable.

Nope, still doing the crab walk, but it is amazing how fast she went from just crawling to walking about 50% of the time. And scary… oy, a whole new level of baby proofing.