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A bit of digression-

Here are pix from a couple of events that I’ve gone to recently.



First, a couple of Friday’s ago, Steve Wozniak was interviewed on the UW campus by Robert Scoble (I say interviewed, but Scoble didn’t get a lot in edge wise). Woz is someone that I have always respected a lot because it has always seemed that he was a highly unlikely revolutionary. Money and fame hasn’t changed him as he seems to be as lovable a nerd as ever. Great stories from the man who brought computers to the rest of us.

Woz Trivia – apparently, Woz was once the highest scoring player of Gameboy Tetris so many times in Nintendo Power magazine that they asked him to stop submitting his scores.

Hopefully, Scoble puts his video up soon so you can watch this highly animated talk.

John Hodgman


Second, John Hodgman visited Seattle’s Elliott Bay Book Company to promote his book, Areas of My Expertise, going into paperback. Readers may be familiar with his Daily Show work or maybe his Apple ads as the lovable dufus, the PC. If you get a chance to see John on his book tour, I highly recommend it. His reading and routine are quite witty and his book is side-splittingly funny.

John is pictured with my friend, Suzi.

Olivia is 2

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Here’s a little video from her party.


Lots of pix posted

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Heather, Olivia and I just got back from our vacation in Hawaii with Annemarie, Dave and Sophie. We spent 2 weeks on the Big Island first on the Hilo side, then on the Kona side and finishing up with a couple of days on Waikiki (remind me again about how awful Waikiki is…)

We went a little nuts with the pictures… if you can believe it, they are highly edited.

Hilo pix

hale mar

We rented a house out on the coast 7 miles or so outside of Hilo. The place was pretty incredible literally right on the ocean with very large waves crashing about 20 feet outside our window all night. It had a lap pool and a hot tub and we seriously chilled out at this place.

Dave and Bruce with bananas

We also met up with Dave’s Aunt and Uncle who lived on that side of the island. They owned a few acres of land with a tropical fruit orchard as a yard. It was nice to see how folks live on the island rather than just the touristy bits we normally see. It was also nice being able to partake in the cornucopia of flavors Uncle Bruce’s backyard had to offer.

Another fun fact – Bruce composts most food waste, but is extremely careful about getting rid of seeds. He constantly has to pull weeds out of his yard (tomato plants) that have been deposited by birds excreting them. I guess the combination of really rich volcanic soil, lots of rain, and lots of sun makes for a good place to grow stuff.

Here are links to rest of the pictures with more stories to come later.

Kona pix

Waikiki pix

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